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Web Extras #171 April/May 2014

 In American Woodworker Web Extras


Using a Detail Spindle Gouge

(“Turning Wood,” page 20)




Air-Tensioned Bandsaw

(“Air-Tensioned Bandsaw,” page 48)




The Flutter Test

(“Power-Tool Friendly Workbench,” page 56)




Flip-Top Mortiser Cabinet

(“Flip-Top Mortiser Cabinet,” page 54)




Build a Flammables Cabinet

(“Finishing Cabinet,” page 68)



Light-Duty Folding Worktable

(“On the Web,” page 6)



Big Capacity Storage Cabinet

(“On the Web,” page 6)



Knockdown Trestle Sawhorses

(“On the Web,” page 6)



Lathe Stand

(“On the Web,” page 6)



Layout-Tool Rack Diagram

(“Dovetail Station,” page 40)



Air-Tensioned Bandsaw Schematics

(“Air-Tensioned Bandsaw,” page 48)

Overall Hardware Assembly

Air Cylinder Support Bracket

Air Cylinder Mounting Plate

Adapter Bolt

Control Box

Control Box Panel

Control Box Bracket



Mortiser Cabinet Plywood Cutting Diagrams

(“Flip-Top Mortiser Cabinet,” page 56)



3 Vises for the Sawhorse Bench

(“Stacking Sawhorse Bench,” page 60)



Mobile Toolbox Plywood Cutting Diagram

(“Mobile Toolbox,” page 64)



Finishing Cabinet Supplies and Tools

(“Finishing Cabinet,” page 68)


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