Web Extras #170 February/March 2014 - Popular Woodworking Magazine

Web Extras #170 February/March 2014

 In American Woodworker Web Extras


Chad’s squaring blocks

(“Bow Front Corner Cabinet,” page 37)



Chad’s thin-ripping jig

Plans for the thin-ripping jig

(“Bow Front Corner Cabinet,” page 41)



Power-tool workbench in action

(“Power-Tool Friendly Workbench,” page 56)


Drill press mortising

(“More On the Web,” page 6)


Blade storage box

(“Blade Box,” page 11)


Plans for zero-clearance inserts

(“12 Tips for Working with Rough Lumber,” page 27)


Crown molding

(“Curved-Lid Recipe Box,” page 32)


Recipe for lemon bars

(“Curved-Lid Recipe Box,” page 34)


Plans for a chest with center-guided drawers

(“Bow Front Corner Cabinet,” page 42)


Rout a large arc

(“Curved-Front Drawers,” page 45)


Plans for Stickley-Style Plate Rack

(“Modern Plate Rack,” page 49)


Plans for a router table fence

(“Power-Tool Friendly Bench,” page 60)


All about bleach

(“Finger-Joint Table,” page 68)



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