Web Extras #169 December/January 2014 - Popular Woodworking Magazine

Web Extras #169 December/January 2014

 In American Woodworker Web Extras

Learn how to sharpen and use a detail/spindle gouge

(“Turning Wood: The Detail/Spindle Gouge,” page 28)

Watch the elliptical jig in action

(“The Amazing Elliptical Jig,” page 55)

Download scales for the Recipe Calculator

(“The Recipe Calculator,” page 47)

Torsion Beams

(“How to Rout a Large Arc,” page 67)

Download the pattern for the Radial Wave Lamp reflector

(“Radial Router Jig,” page 48 and “Radial Wave Lamp,” page 53)

Haunched Mortise & Tenon

Flattening Wide Boards



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