Web Extras #166 June/July 2013 - Popular Woodworking Magazine

Web Extras #166 June/July 2013

 In American Woodworker Web Extras


Tiny carving

(mentioned in “Great American Woodworker: Steve Tomashek,” p. 27)

Template Routing

(mentioned in “Plywood Play Table,” p. 57)

Drawer Slips

(mentioned in “Monticello Lap Desk,” p. 44)

Medieval Folding Stool

(Full-size patterns for the leg and rails)

Leg Pattern

Rail Pattern

Wooden Handscrews

(mentioned in “Wooden Bar Clamps,” p. 60)

Ginormous Shop Cabinet

(mentioned in “My Shop,” p. 23)

Safely Cut Small Pieces

(mentioned in “Pinwheel Picture Frame,” p. 53)


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