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I just came back from one of the most fantastic exhibitions I have ever seen. "Extravagant Inventions, The Princely Furniture of the Roentgens" showcases the magnificent, sophisticated… mind blowing works of Abraham and David Roentgen. The duo, father and son, were 18th century cabinet makers who built furniture that incorporated concealed components, multi-functional features, and elaborate ornamentation. If they have lived today I bet you they would have been chief engineers of NASA's rover division. The show includes ten videos that demonstrate how the furniture works. You can also view pictures of the pieces and read about the Roentgen work on the MET website. The webpage also includes information on the show's guided tour dates. The show will end late January. If you plan on visiting New York city you must include this show in your schedule. 

Show's website and online videos

New York Times article about the show:




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