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 In that woodshop of mine, there is a small metal toolbox.    Older than I am, I think it's a "Kennedy".    In this toolbox, there are quite a few old tools, mostly from the 50s.  Old names, some you may not have heard of.    Socket sets from Walden,   pliers from not only cresent, but C-Line, Worth, and a pair of needle nose pliers stamped "US Zone, germany".     WWII vintage 3/4" drive sockets, a pair of "Fencing pliers".    A 1" cold chisel,stamped "Arrow Tools" on one side, with the letters NYCS on another.    This cold chisel was from the Roundhouse shops, in Bellefountaine, Ohio.   The Railroad was called The New York Central System.    Another pair of cold chisels have been around for a while.  Made by Stanley-Atha, these two have NEVER had a spot of rust on them.    Still have a mirror like shine to them.     Wrenches, some by Williams, some by  Utica, others by Pexto.   There are also many files, some small, and one  24" long!  Most are "Blue Diamond" style.  A few pictures of rhis "Treasure Trove":

"German" needle nose, an old S&K extension,  those Universals are both a Walden, and a "Cornwall",  The "cresent wrench is from Utica, before the three diamond logo.   

one "new" file, the rest old, handles made in the shop. That "breaker-bar" is a 3/4" drive for those WWII sockets.

Here's three of those WWII sockets, a pair of pliers from "C-Line, and some of those "Walden Duro-Chrome sockets", that small extension is from Cronwell, 3/8" drive.

Small stuff, a little bit of everything here.   One more picture:

Nope, that's NOT a file at the top of this picture.    The allen set is almost brand new.  Red handle is for a LARGE #3 phillips screwdriver.   There is also a Plumbers tool set in there, for ream water valves.   There is a piece of Galv, pipe in there.  I use it for  that extra "OOMPH! when dealing with stuck items.   Well, that is most of the Toolbox, what do you think?

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