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Workbench build in an Afternoon?

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Some of the pictures of this little pjoject.  That  stepladder served as a bench during the build.  The patio table held the few tools i used for this.  The saw is an old Craftsman 7-1/4" all-metal circular saw, and a couple hand saws.   Visegrip finger clamps do nicely to hold things in place while i was working on them.   A rebuilt De6c worked on the legs a bit.

Have a very small basement workshop, nicknamed The Dungeon Shop.    Needed some sort of bench to work on projects with.     Did a bit of dumpster diving, found a couple 2xs from an old waterbed framed, a couple 2x4s scraps,  and the hinge rail from an old door.   Might be able to make something out of these?  


One 2×10 plank was ripped down to make the four legs.    1-1/2' thick, by 4" wide.    Maybe 33" long.    A #6 handplane to erase the saw marks.     Made some sut kerfs about 4" from the bottoms of the legs.   knocked out the waste, and chisel flat.     Some 2×2 scrap was then added to form a stretcher between two legs.  

Mean while…A top was being worked out.   A 5' length of that old waterbed frame was getting some legs.  Some, I made a few notches for the legs to be screwed to the top.    A few 2" long screws to fasten each leg assembly to the top.   Then an apron was cobbled together.    Door rail was cut to length, and a lap joint rebate cut on each end.   Same with a 2×4.    the ends were left alone.     More screws.    There was to be a tool tray along the back.    Found a piece of 3/4 plywood footboard, sized it for the tray's bottom.    Added a couple cleats to hold the tray.  


Feet?   Well, there were some door rail left over, so some squares were made.    two pieces of 1×6 pine scrap were screwed to the bottoms of the legs, then the feet were added to the pine scraps.    Grabbed a jack plane to level the top off.     Moved the bench to the Dungeon shop.     Added a leg vise using a 2×6 chop, and an old pipe clamp.    Added a Crochet made from a chunk of barn wood.    Total cost?  One box of 2" screws @ $7.     Time to complete the main bench?  One warm and sunny Sunday afternoon on the back porch's patio.    The two vises took maybe that long, again. 

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