Why we should teach our children Woodworking in school

Doug Stowe is one of the greatest proponents of Woodworking education in America. In this short video he lays out a compelling case for children to learn woodworking in schools: Woodworking is a gateway to understanding material properties, engineering, and the environment. Via woodworking kids are exposed to design, drawings, the importance of tools in our lives, and why planning ahead is so important. Lastly, woodworking activity strengthens the mind-hand connection, and contributes to the buildup of confidence in the mind of a young child.

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Yoav Liberman

About Yoav Liberman

Yoav S. Liberman is a woodworker and a teacher. His pieces have been featured in several woodworking books, most recently in Robin Wood’s CORES Recycled. Yoav teaches woodworking at the Rudolf Steiner School in Manhattan, and also frequently guest teaches in craft schools across the country.  Between 2003 and 2011 Yoav  headed the woodworking program at Harvard University's Eliot House. Yoav’s articles have appeared in American Woodworker and Woodwork Magazine. He frequently contributes woodworking web content to a number of digital publications   Yoav has a degree in architecture and later held two competitive residency programs: at The Worcester Center for Crafts in Massachusetts, and the Windgate Foundation Fellowship at Purchase College, New York. He lives in Chestnut Ridge NY.