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In my last post I mentioned how I completed the piece and brought it to the gallery.

The gallery owner looked at the teapot and seemed surprised, explaining that she expected a bigger lid than the one I produced. She encouraged me to try and see if I could change it or increase its size. Quite honestly, my first urge was to fiercely defend my artistic vision. But, I gave it some thought and decided to swallow my pride and make an effort to empathize with her reaction. Coincidentally, on my way home I noticed a “Free Stuff” box on the side of the street. The box contained old photography equipment and other chatychkes. The item that caught my eyes was an old camera flash, the kind that opens up into a dome-shape.

When I saw this a light-bulb immediately flashed in my head and I knew this fan would become the new lid for the teapot. I turned a walnut finial that acted as a hub and hanging knob for the re-formed lid. The knob facilitates the opening and closing of the fan. The lid can be taken in and out of the arm-cage. 

When I revealed the new and improved teapot to the gallery owner she glowed. We were both enthusiastic about the alteration. The rest is history.

Once the teapot show ended in Cambridge it reopened in SOFA Chicago. When that show closed I sent the teapot to Del Mano gallery in LA. There it was spotted by Gloria and Sonny Kamm, the renowned teapot collectors who added it to their collection.


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