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What I really like about  Itsik Cohen's toys is their shapes, and the clever – and innovative – way he incorporate moving mechanisms in his designs. By the way, the word Cohen/Kohen in Hebrew means priest. So all the Cohens, Kohens, Kahan, Kagan (yes you are right, this is the last name of the newly appointed supreme court judge, Elena Kagan) are in direct patrilineal descent from the biblical Aaron (of the tribe or Levi).

Here are some more examples of Isaac's toys and his shop.




Itsik's shop is actually a small hut, therefor it is not really thermally insulated. It gets chilly in the winter (45 to 55 F) which is not too bad.These temperatures are average for the coldest days in a typical Israeli winter (on the coast of the Mediterranean). However, the summers can be very hot and humid ;this is why he keeps a fan working all the time in July and August.






More to come soon..

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