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You have seen the knot . The knot as you know from the table I covered with them … But to amaze you even more with my impossible made possible… What you will see next will be a knot in a timber that will be 1/4×1/4 inch x 12 inches long… This is impossible .??? But with time and the know how this I can make possible ? Remember if you think negative then it's impossible ? But if you think positive then it's possible?.??? Remember Everything is possible if you know How?? As you know by now I never let on to how I do my puzzles and illusions  as the reason being is that I have over 60  yet to be seen  plus the time factor ? As all my illusions from wood I do have to be 101 percent perfect before I can sell them,. As museums world wide buy my work .And these have to be101 percent.But I will do my best to amaze and baffle you who all see my work  with puzzles/illusions even my recycled timber and cardboard tube work.. Remember it's your imagination that can change the world,..

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