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Tabletop stool part 3

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After checking that all the joints fit, I began to work on the details. I tapered the legs, I chamfered the top's edges, I band sawed arches on each leg and, lastly, I rounded the ends of the rail and curved two steps on each side of the curved end.


I assembled the stool again and started considering where to carve the personal images of the rabbit and the carrot.

I decided to draw a rabbit on one leg and a carrot on the other. Then I used curving gouges and a high-speed rotary tool to carve the design. 

I highlighted the carvings with white milk-paint

After gluing the stool, I finished it with two layers of oil based polyurethane. 

The piece is now finished and ready to be handed over to its rightful owner.  I can't wait to hear how his girlfriend likes it and if it sufficiently serves its unique (soup lifting) function.

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