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Tablesaw needed a fence?

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I had a small. portable 10" tablesaw. like you might see at a job-site.     During one of several moves from place to place, it's "stock" fence was lost.  Of course, then I needed to rip some boards with it, figures.     I had some scraps, and a couple screws, maybe I ought to make one for this little saw?  I came up with a simple, bare-bones, fence that can be "C" clamped to the saw's fence rail.   Just a good square corner on the plywood "base", a hardwood (oak) cleat, and some 1x stock as the fence itself.    I aligned the plywood along a miter slot, and the edge of the saw.  i clamped it down, and screwed through the plywood into the cleat.    I then flipped this over, and using the straight edge of the plywood as a guide, I screwed the 1x in place.     Now, this piece is only about an 1- 1-1/2" tall.    IF I need a "taller" fence, it is easy to replace with another taller board.   a picture or two…

Plywood and that cleat, before they were screwed together..

In operation.   just a pair of C-clamps

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