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Table with a floating top?

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At least it looka like it is floating.    Just some pine for this little table.    The front apron has a drawer front that matches the grain of the apron.  Simple to do.  I just cut out the drawer front from the apron, and fill in the saw kerfs with some "beading".     Top sits on a colar, so that it is about a 1/2" above the aprons.     The end aprons are set in, so that they are also hidden away.   The legs were tapered on the inside faces with a handplane.   A few pictures:

The base all gled up.   Still haven't cut the drawer front out.   The aprons were cut into a 'cloud" pattern.  Just a mortise and tenon joint affair.

Apron joint

Top in place.  Top started out square.  Curves were made using a thin piece of scrap.   A nail in the center line at the edges of the top, and a nail setin 1-1/2' at each corner of the top, provided the curve's lines.   Bandsawn to shape, sanded smooth. You can also see the drawer front details.    The beading fills the saw kerfs left behind when I cut the opening out.  I first marked the apron with a "V", so I could keep the grain aligned.

With the walnut stain, and three coats of Poly gloss.   Tops of the legs were rounded over.     The white knob is an old lamp shade finial, the white part is a glass marble, held with a brass fixture.  I inset the knob a bit, due to the SHORT bolt I had to use.  Beading came out a bit lighter, but that just shows it off better.    One good weekend to build, and a few days for the finish.    Not too bad?

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