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Some older tables

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A few pictures of some older tables I've made.     Mainly a Shaker design, just simple tables.    

This one has been in a grandkid's room for awhile.  Just some "pallet Oak".

 Old Skinny Leg,   more of the Oak pallet wood.  Legs were tapered on the tablesaw.   The drawer front is a glue-up, as I was running low on wide stuff at the time.

"Smiley Table',  out of pine from a pallet.   Bandsawn tapers on the legs. Simple dawer, again. 

Smiley Table, looking at the top.    Breadboard ends.  

When ever I have a nice< small amount of stock on hand, I can always make a table out of it.    That first table holds a small, "bedroom" TV.     Of all the tables I've made over the years,  these are the few still around the house.  I have also sold a few over the years, as well.    The "Other Half" would want to have a Yard Sale, I would make a table or two to set out.  The tables usually brought in a few extra "shoppers".   Most of these tables only take a weekend to make. Ready to start one of your own?

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