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Sofa table, from an old water bed frame?

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Yep.   I had three pieces from an old water bed frame out in the garage.    Since i rent the place, I have no idea how old this bed was.    It wasthere in the garage when I moved in 7 years ago.      Daughter wanted a Sofa Table built, but didn't have any cash for the wood.    Hmm, ah, that old frame might just work.   I took the parts out to the woodshop and start to mill things up.     Sofa Table was to be a "Mission Style" sort of thing, and she even had a couple pictures of what she liked.  A picture of that wood supply, after the first milling up:

Most of the wood parts are here, including 4 leg blanks, all the apron stock (resawn on the tablesaw) and a supply of slats.   on the bottom are two 2x10s for the top.   Next up, the base of this table:

A dry fit, held by the clamps.   The end aprons were left square, due to the slats.  Mortise and tenon joints

Top in place.  That walnut "edge" is the stained finish of the old waer bed.   I planed that off later.   Lower shelf sits on cleats.  You can also see how the front/back aprons have been curved.   Cut on my bandsaw, then ech pair is clamped together and planed smooth.   After a lot of sanding, it was time for some finish:

One coat of my "Witch's Brew stain.  Yep, I missed a couple spots, but Iwent back and covered them up.      Top is 16" wide, by 48" long, by 1-3/8 thick.    Legs are 1-3/8 square by 32" long.   Not bad for an old water bed frame?

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