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A few months ago I blogged about the advent of India-made premium planes. I said that I will try to get a hold of a shoulder plane, a clone of the Record No.311, and run a tool review on it. In June I bought such a plane from Garrett Wade. I conducted some tests and tuned up some of the plane's parts. Obviously, I took some pictures and short videos of the process. 

About the 3 in 1 plane: The design of the Indian made SOBA Shoulder, or Rabbet plane, is based on the pattern of a British shoulder plane made originally by Preston, later by Record, and is currently reproduced by Clifton. The most common use of the plane is as a regular shoulder plane. However, if the long nose is removed (a bolt keeps it in place) the plane becomes a Chisel plane, and if installed with the short nose, the plane is transformed into a Bullnose plane. 

This plane is made by Shobha Industries and is sold under several brand names. It can be purchased through woodworking catalogs, including: ShopFox, Garret Wade and Traditional Woodworker. I bought mine at Garret Wade in June 2012.

Watch this video blog review to learn more about the plane and how to fine-tune it. 


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