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I stumbled upon this short film today and I am confident you will enjoy watching it (perhaps with one reservation which I'll explain below). It was created in Canada in 1959 and was titled " The Chairmaker and the Boys".

It tells the story of Duncan and his grandfather as they build a chair and a toy boat. Though the film is fictional, the technical aspect of the water-propelled woodworking mill, the way the chair is made, and the narrator's explanation of the how and why it is made that way are accurate and captivating. The fim has an intended didactic purpose: to emphasise the importance of safety over playfulness. In short, the boys gets into trouble and grandpa saves the day. Once everything is under control he administers, as expected fifty years ago, corporal punishment using a part of the chair.


The Chairmaker and the BoysbyONFB, National Film Board of Canada

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