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Pine kitchen island

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Just $28 in pine, from Menards.     The two shelves are panels sold at Menards.     The legs are resawn from a 2×4.     The spindles were resawn for a 1×4.   The aprons were re-sized from more 1x4s, and cut down to 3" wide.   This will get a paint & contact paper finish, so why use "good" wood? More pictures..

A shot of one of the end assemblies, during glue-up.    All parts were milled out in that COLD  pole barn shop I use.     They were then brought into the nice, WARM house to be glued up.   More pictures

A view of the back of the island.    Bottom shelf was cut to fit.     If needed, a second shelf can be added, later on.     A few cleats and install another shelf.   Not bad for just some pine and screws.

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