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Next generation furniture makers at the ICFF 2013 – Part 2

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Jordan Millar is an award wining furniture designer who displayed his Silvia chair at the student's area which was sponsored by the furniture society. Silvia is a modern take on a traditional café chair, made from Poly-metal, White Oak, Wilsonart laminate, and accenting brass hardware. The chair was designed and built in 10 weeks during the fall and it’s inspiration comes from the curling of the fallen leaves in Oregon. The legs were crafted by Jordan with the aid of a router and CNC-made templates.

As for the seat, Jordan built numerous scaled paper models and then cut the seat out of poly-metal. Poly-metal is a "space age" material: plastic covered by two thin layers of aluminum that is formed using metal forming tools.

Jordan wanted the seat to appear to be a compound curve, even though it's technically impossible, as the laminate it similar to bent wood which can only bend in one direction.

To overcome this technical challenge, he used a series of cutouts and bent the seat in multiple directions. Next, he applied a laminate called New Age Oak, to give the appearance of a bent wood chair, which is very traditional to café chairs. The edge is covered by a silicone rubber called Sugru, to break the sharp edges of the poly-metal and laminate. 


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