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Mike Shalit world of woodcarving part 2: Art Nouveau carving

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Mike is a carver first, then a woodworker and furniture renovator.

Sometimes he takes the liberty to change the appearances of objects that he restores, making the change the new focal point of the restored creation…

such is the case of the 'Sunflower chair'

On one of his visits to a flea market in Israel he bought an old chair.

The chair had a broken back support, so Mike decided not only to restore the chair but also to add a spectacular ornamented detail in the middle of the new back.

He decided to carve a lavish sunflower and to re-upholster the seat in bright red.

Mike's interest in woodcarving led him to explore Art Nouveau motives. He really admires the floral and leaf carving patterns that  Art Nouveau carvers innovated.

If you look at the wine and liquor cabinet that he built you can see a catalog of many of the Art Nouveau patterns I mentioned.

When I looked at the door's handle I assumed they were made of brass or bronze. I was really surprised to hear form Mike that he actually carved them form Maple. He made sure to orient the handle's grain in a way that allowed them to remain as strong as possible.

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