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Kitchen island?

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And for less than $30!   It can be done.    I went to the local Menards store and got a few pieces of pine.      A glue-up panel, 1x16x36, and another 1x12x36.     Presanded, ready to use.  I also picked up three 1x4x8's  and a 2x4x8'.     A small pack of 1" drywall screws was also in the cart.     I ripped the 2x into some leg stock, 1-3/8 x 1-3/8 x 34" long.      I ripped the 1x4s down to 3" wide for some aprons, and some others to 1" wide for some spindles.    Spindles were also bevel at each end.   All the cutting was done out in my un-heated, pole barn of a shop.      The tenons were also cut out there on my tablesaw.      Then I marked out for the mortises, and chopped them out with a chisel.     Kept me warm doing it that way.    Brought all the pieces into the house ( a five mile drive) and started to glue things up

One end section, glurd up, with the spindles screwed in place.    A day later, I added the rest of the pieces to make a nice little table/island.

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