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Built from a few parts.    A 2×10 from the dumpster, one store bought 2x4x8'  and a few scraps.    needed to make this so I could build a workbench later.  Legs sply out about 20 degrees or so.  Used that step ladder as a workbench.   I clamped a spare plank ( it was used later to make the workbench) and then i could clamp things in place to saw on them.   That gray plastic thingy is the "Saw Tub", soon to be replaced by this new saw bench.    The brace on one end was set to the inside, due to the notch being in the way.   used a jack plane to level the top, and the top of the legs.   Bench came out about knee height to me.   Took maybe an afternoon.   Nice part about the stepladder "bench",  if I needed something clamped upright, like for adding the braces, I could just clamp to the ladder's rungs.    Cost was just for the store bought 2×4, roughly $4~  or so.    Kind of fun to build. 

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