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Hope-chest from reclaimed wood – part 8: Carving the dedication

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The dedication sign reads 1983 because this was the year that the couple who commissioned the chest had met. With acrylic and black india ink I painted their initials on the right and left of the numbers. 

Step one in making the sign was to draw the numbers on a piece of paper.

Next, I put a sheet of carbon paper underneath the design and transfered the numbers onto the poplar board. Do you notice dowels sticking out from the edges of the boards? This is because the poplar board used to be drawer parts that I reclaimed and glued together to make the panel.  

After carving the sign, I painted the indentations with white milk-paint and I drew the initials on the chest. 

I made wooden eyes to hold the rope that secures the lid when it is open. I used a drill press and a band saw to make them. It is so easy to build these eyes and their design compliments my piece, I believe. 

Here are some pictures of the completed piece. 


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