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Once the lid was completed I turned to instal its hinges. Using a utility knife I outlined the shallow sink where the hinges were to be embedded.

I used narrow and wide chisels to excavate the cherry. 

Then I made the recess for the hinge's other leaf (in the chest's back). I used a small plane to shave away the surfaces to make the hinge level with the edge of the chest's back. 

I finished the chest with milk paint. Milk paint is a powder based paint that, once mixed with water, becomes an amazing finish. I will write more about the wonders of milk paint in the future.  

After the first layer of paints dries (about 30 min) I buffed the surfaces with 180 or 220 sand paper and then applied a second layer. It to had to be buffed and polished with (0000) steel wool. Lastly I applied a layer of acrylic water base varnish on the paint to make it more resilient. 

Here is the case completed short of the dedication sign which I will show in my next entry. 

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