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High tech wood A visit to the Maker Faire part three

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Bamboo is one of the best renewable plant-base composites I can think of.  I call it renewable because it can grow, be harvested, germinate, and grow again and again. All that we need to provide for it is space, sun and water. 

Bamboo is a composite as are all plants and trees. Wood is a natural composite. It is made of fibers and resin (or glue) that keep the fibers together and allows them to carry load. The difference between bamboo and other woods is that bamboo's growth rate is phenomenal. Some species of Bamboo can grow up to 12" in a day. This is why using Bamboo in the furniture industry is becoming more and more popular. We see Bamboo configured into plywood like sheets, panels and beams that we can buy as if it was regular lumber.

I can keep writing about this amazing plant but instead let me show you how a group of young designers marry bamboo with modern composites such as carbon fibers and fibergalss to create a nice looking bicycle. 

Bamboo tubes are used as a substitute for the conventional materials (aluminum, steel or composite) tubing in bicycles. The bamboo is connected to the the mechanisms with modern composites (fiber + resin) collar. 



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