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My friend Jake Wright is a very talented maker-designer. He creates graphic and web design, exquisite furniture, and is a skilled woodworker welder. Jake is perhaps best known for incorporating military relics such as empty cluster bombs and artillery shells in the beautiful furniture and lighting fixtures that he devises. His achievements in that field are remarkable and his pieces have appeared on leading design websites and have been featured in cutting-edge maker fairs. Jake has many anecdotes to tell about unfortunate misunderstandings regarding his pieces. Because they are made from old army surplus, people (sometimes government authorities) make Jake’s business life quite complicated. He once told me about the ordeal of sending one of his pieces to Germany and how his cast iron empty bomb lamp had to be sent back by German customs because it was rigidly categorized as a “weapon”. Last week he told me yet another story about how he decided to hand-deliver a table he built to client in Baltimore, thinking that this would be better and safer for him – and the piece –  only to discover that carrying furniture on Amtrak is much more complicated than one would expect. Read this funny story on Jake’s blog and take a look at his great creations on his website:

Below are pictures of Jake’s table in the making: what a blast!



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