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Don and Chris Boule: Their shop and work processes

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When I work on an article I collect a great deal of images and stories about my protagonist. In the case of Chris and Don, many of my favorite shop photos and work processes could not fit within the five pages of the article. But, I am lucky enough to have this blog so I can show my own version of "deleted scenes" to you my readers. 

Lets start with pictures of their shop:

While I was visiting, Don and Chris were working on a door with frame and intersecting sash bars.

At another corner of the shop Chris showed me the study he made before carving the wings (or feathers) like legs on one of his pieces. 

Then I saw a bracket leg in the making for a piece that Don is building. 

And here are dog-tooth moldings that Don showed me. He includes this detail in cornices of Dunlap style high-boys. 

Here are some fantastic ball and claw feet a la the Boules. Notice the typical Dunlap style compressed ball…

More legs in the making.

Just finiels…

Scrolls: Templates, blank, product in the making.


Here is the Boules' Dunlap "bible". The book was written by Philip Zea and Donald Dunlap. It charts the style as well as providing detail drawings and building guidelines of many Dunlap furniture. 

And here are the Boule duo..


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