Don and Chris Boule, father and son - master period furniture makers. - Popular Woodworking Magazine
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If you open the most recent issue of Woodwork magazine you will see two stories that I wrote. One is about an Israeli studio furniture artist named Jeremy Kimchi and the other is about a father and son, Don and Chris Boule, who make really spectacular period furniture in the style of the Dunlap furniture. The Dunlaps were a New Hampshire based family who produced iconic furniture which were kind of a twist on Queen Ann and Chippendale styles. The Boules are carrying this tradition into the 21st century.

I really encourage you to get the magazine and read about the Boules – you wouldn't regret it.  

In the meantime here are a few images of the Boules' work. 

Next time I will show you their shop and the marble ramp they were building on my first visit to their shop, neither of which appeared in the magazine.

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