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Cordless tapering jig?

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When I need tapered legs for the tables I make, I don't set up the tablesaw.     All I have to do is mark the lay-out lines on the leg blank, clamp the blank in a vise, and start planing to the line.     I start the handplane at the foot of the leg, and each stroke of the plane starts just a bit higher than the last one.    By the time I reach the top of the taper, taper is done, no sanding is needed.   Nice and quiet, the only sound comes from the whoosh of the plane.   On some legs, there is a round-over of sorts on the outside corner of the leg.    Again, just a plane for this.    I just mark on the end of the leg the radius I want to make.      When I'm done with the plane work, a little sanding will smooth things out.  The handplane?    Just an old  "Defiance #4" smooth plane.   

well used, well tuned, and sharp.

and the legs it makes.

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