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Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away….: Itsik Cohen’s aviation industry…

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Itsik makes all king of toys, but he putts a much of his artistic zeal in making planes and helicopters of different sizes. Some of them are made form ply wood, and the plies appears like wind-tunnel streamline air flow pattern. On one of his big planes he installed a sophisticated brake systems, so kids who try to “fly” by coasting down hill, will be able to stop the bird, plus it will make their parents feel better once they know that Yonatan (Jonathan) or Rachel ride on a safer toy. This big "Stearman" lookalike plane has steering wheel which is connected to the from wing. This wing can pivot left or right.

The way Itsik makes wheels will surprise you. He does not have a lathe, so instead he fasten the wheel blank to an electric drill and shape the wheels with a rasp and file. As a person who make smart use of scrap wood, he occasionally will find an old furniture legs, slice them – like you would cut salami sausage…. and then turn them to make the wheel.









And as a treat to all of you who scrolled down and got to see all the pictures, here is a Sinatra's "aviation" standard Come fly with me. Just click play and you take of with that great song.





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