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Chopping a hand

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 At least that's the way I do them.     I cut the tenons first, and then use them to layout the locations on the mortises.   Once I've mark where they will be,  I use a Marking guage to mark the sides of the mortise.    Next, I use a narrow chisel to start the cuts.  Bevel is towards the waste area.    I make one "chop" at one end of the mortise, then go to the other end and work my way back to the start cut.   I make a series of small chops as i work along.   These "chips" are easier to pop out..  Once I reach the depth of the mortise, I grab a nice sharp wide chisel, and clean up the sides.  Really doesn't take all that long to do.    I keep a tenon nearby, just to test the fit as I go.   A few pictures?

a few work in progress.   this is for the end of a mission style table.

Test fit.  Those pencil lines show where the mortise is.   Like the old vise?

 More work in progress.  Some of the chisels I use.   That old screwdriver laying there is to "pop out" stubborn chips.   Looking at about 30 minutes of work. The first picture, at the top is that old marking gauge.    Just a single "cutter" on it.    I usually make about three strokes per layout line.    This gives a reference line for the chisels to work from.    ready to chop some mortises, cordless style?

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