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Carving a missing head part 3: Ears

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As I started going deeper and deeper into details, I realized that for some details a reference source is really necessary. Carving the ears was such a case where I new I needed detailed images of ears, a book or a real life model. One of our students, Trent – who is a brilliant sculptor, have books on human anatomy. The books contains photographs of clay sculptures: Heads, busts and facial features. This book also explain who to form sculptures in a very good way. Though the medium discussed in the book is clay, the principles layout and displayed there could surly benefit woodcarvers and wood sculptors.

Here are the name of the books, written by Philippe & Charisse Faraut

1. Portrait Sculpting: Anatomy & Expression in Clay

2. Mastering Portraiture: Advanced Analyses of the Face Sculpted in Clay

For carving the ears I used the second book.





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