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Andy Barnum’s magic brush

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Among my students last semester was one of the worlds best turners, and arguably the best turning teacher I have met. During this term Andy was more my teacher than my student. Before meeting Andy I thought I knew how to turn; now I know that I was merely a beginner. Andy teaches a turning class in Purchase College and everybody can join this class, not just Purchase students. He is a gifted teacher and his techniques work every single time. He is also a writer on Wood-turning and has contributed many articles in the field.

Andy's idea for the Lamp Assignment  was a light brush. He turned a brush body and mounted it with an LED light cupolaed with some light transmuting thin plastic hairs – to carry the light wave down from the LED source to the brush tips. Andy is going to embark on a more ambitious task, and harness this method for building a furniture..

Andy's Brush:

Andy splitting a Cherry slab for a turning project:





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