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A trunk for my niece

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Last month I became an uncle. A sweet little baby was born to my brother and his wife….. and her name is ?? (Gal).

Gal, or "wave" in Hebrew, received a name that fits her well: She was born in Haifa – Israel's most beautiful port city, to a father who is infatuated with the sea, passionate about waves and wind/kite surfing. Gal will most likely receive the suffix (i) and will be called Gali by everybody.

What shall I give my new niece? what sort of gift should I craft for her?  This was a serious question that occupied my mind.  I decided to gift her a plywood and hardwood trunk that I built in New-England a year ago and that I shipped to Israel just recently.  I made the trunk form maple-veneered poplar plywood. I flaked the trunk's base with spalted maple moldings, and framed the lid with cherry. I painted the plywood parts with blue old fashion milk-paint. The only thing that was missing was the way to dedicate the trunk to Gali..

Then I had an idea: I will make a plaque. I decided to carve her name on a piece of walnut that will be affixed to the trunk's front. The first thing I did was to plane a piece of walnut to 3/8" thick and to trace an ellipse on it.  Next, I drew the Hebrew letters of ? (Gimel) ? (Lamed) and ? (yod) for the suffix (i).

On the next post I will show how I carved the letters.



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