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A trunk for my niece Part 2

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After I laid out the letters' design, I started to establish a middle creek line on each of the letter's parts.

To cut this creek you can use a marking knife, a chisel, a carver's knife or a simple utility knife.

I then cut side lines (like branches in a tree) that forked out of the mid-line towards the corners of the letters.

Then I started chiseling from the sides towards the middle – creating a "V" shape arroyo. This arroyo gets deeper and deeper as you work the letter. You will need to re-establish the middle (creek) line from time to time.

Check out this Youtube clip to get a sense of how to carve letters in wood. By the way, this clip will show you that you can successfully carve many of the letters using one size of a bench chisel 3/4"…. that is all you'll need.


Once you get a grip of the basic technique of carving Latin letters, you'll be able to adopt that knowledge to carve in almost any other language.

I will show the finished piece on my next blog entry….




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