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A tripod for cheese, a cake or …… a crazy wedding gift Part 3

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I have been absent from my blog for the last couple of weeks now.. I had to take down the show at Purchase College, relocate my on-campus studio and apartment, and then leave the States to Israel. I am writing to you form my apartment in Givatayim, Israel… where I am going to spend the next 4 month teaching woodworking and furniture design.

Okay, so after this short bio update let's go back to the the tripod cheese thingy….

To decorate the glass hood and in order to add interest + a sense of discovery to this object, I decided to erode the glass' transparency but to create little windows on the hood to allow the viewer to look inside and discover what was put there. Since this tripod could house a wedge of cheese – a French cheese perhaps – I decided on windows in the shape of the Fleur De Lis.  I oredered some Fleur De Lis decals online and affixed them on the inside of the glass hood.



I then masked the hood exterior.



Next time I will show the finished piece…

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