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A look into my shop’s tools

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Just some of the toys I make do with

My "big" drill press

The "Frankensaw", two craftsman tablesaws were used to make this saw.    One a broke trunion saw, the other a "parts" saw

home made router table, with fence

my two bandsaws, big aren't they?

The two ends of my 12×37 Craftsman Lathe.    There is also a 6" double bench grinder, and a Delta 10" compound miter saw inthe shop.  The lathe, grinder, the three wheel bandsaw, drill press, and an old Monarch vise are mounted on a table top, with a double outlet box in the middle to power the tools.  All of these toys reside in an old.drafty, POLE BARN.  Well, that's what I have in my shop as far as power toys, er, I mean, tools.   

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