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A gallery for contemporary furniture you should know of

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Culture + Commerce Project in Hudson New York is one of my favorite furniture galleries. I stumbled upon it two years ago while attending a weekend wedding in the charming town of Hudson. It turns out that Hudson is a mecca for antique collectors, but Culture + Commerce Project is one of the only galleries in town that showcases the work of contemporary designers and artisans. As a maker of Studio Furniture I know how challenging it is to find galleries that feature studio furniture, so when I entered the gallery I was so pleased to see what owner, Sherry Jo Williams, had done with her space.  Part of Sherry's mission, she explained to me, was to feature furniture artists frpm the Hudson River valley, all the way from Albany down to Brooklyn.  Living and working out of both Harlem and Brooklyn, I was lucky enough to fit that bill.  I sent Sherry a smaller piece I made called Corduroy and it was featured beautifully in her gallery until she found it a loving home.

Corduroy is a small stool/table built from Douglas Fir. It is made of four short blanks, sawed on the band saw, then glued together, rasped and sanded. I called it corduroy for its pant-like grain design with some really cool strips resembling corduroy fabric. The pattern of nesting rings on the seat's end grain enhances its 60s – 70s charm. Here are pictures of Corduroy followed by some design sketches I drew before making it. After the sketches you can see pictures of Sherry and her great gallery.  

After you're finished perusing the pictures, go book a trip to Hudson, NY.  You need to see this place first-hand, if nothing more than for inspiration and to support a community that respects us craftspeople.  There's a lot to see, so whatever you do there, don't miss the truly special Culture + Commerce Project.

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