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Yep, it supplied the wood for asmall cabinet.     The flat panels are just 1/4' luann plywood, from a different "crate", but the solid wood parts came from a shipping crate from Brazil.     Unknown what kind of wood it is, but it would not take a stain.   The colour seen is from just a couple coats of poly.       This wood will change colours if in sunlight, from a redish brown, to a  bright orange.    There is a piece in the pictures that shows the orange flavour, it's on side of the left-hand door. 

This cabinet has been through a few moves, from one apartment to another over the years, handles went  MIA so time ago.  Another shot

Kind of beat up, but still holding together.  That breadboard edge has stayed the same the whole time.  This wood does NOT move, at all. A look at the top

The two front boards have been nearer the window for awhile, and have a nice orange colour.       Now, IF I could just find another crate (or two) I think I'll make some other projects with it.   

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