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A candy store for woodworkers part 1: 3rdWard’s Woodworking tool event at Brooklyn, NY

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A week ago 3rdWard hosted a woodworking tool event led by Lie Nielsen's Toolworks. I came by to see/try tools and talk to some of my friends from Lie Nielsen and Gramercy Tools of Brooklyn. For a woodworker, attending an event like this is akin to a kid entering a candy store. But ,unlike a candy store with limited sampling, this was a tool event where you could just go on and on: testing planes, sawing boards and viewing free demonstrations.

Here are some annotated pictures from the event:

This industrial Art Deco building is the home of 3rdWard, Brooklyn.

Here, in one of our two wood-shop spaces the presenters set up their displays. 

Lie Nielsen's delegation was the biggest and most impressive. They brought tools, workbenches and instructors.

Here is one of their display panels on which planes and saws were hung.  Outside the window is the Brooklyn skyline.

Deneb, one of Lie Nielsen's top presenters in front of a sharpening station.

His effective method of sharpening and honing is well-explained on the web. You can watch his youtube video and see how he does it:


One of the other great toolmakers who joined the event was Raney Nelson of Daed Toolworks. http://www.daedtoolworks.com/

Raney makes fantastic Infill style planes that are as beautiful to look at as they are a pleasure to work with. One of my students from my Intro to Woodworking class came to the event. This was the first time he had tried to use a plane. The amazing shavings that he produced were so impressive that one would have thought he had been working wood for a lifetime.

Next time I will talk about the other tool makers and presenters at the event.


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