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 In The Afterlife of Trees: A Podcast for Woodworkers & Makers

Afterlife of TreesIn this episode of Afterlife of Trees, contributing editor Christopher Schwarz and Popular Woodworking editors from back in the day recall a story that ended up being just too weird for the magazine: a mystical process for curing wood that defies much of what we know about how wood behaves as it dries and ages.

Chris, David Thiel and Kara Uhl regale the PW team with a tale that delves into mystery, magnetism, the Earth’s rotation, immortality and, of course, wood. Don’t miss this wild tale and our kick off to Popular Woodworking’s brand new podcast series.

The Afterlife of Trees is Popular Woodworking’s podcast for woodworkers, artists and makers who create using wood as a medium. If you have a story you’d like to hear us cover, email us at afterlifeoftrees@fwmedia.com. Your idea could be featured in an upcoming podcast.




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  • Drewski9

    Loved the podcast, glad to know the source of my cart’s creaky wheels.
    Have you explored the idea of “were-wood” or cutting down trees according to the lunar cycle?
    The idea has shown up across some guitar building sites.

  • SaSSafraS1232

    It seems like you guys never really finished your thought about cold bending with anhydrous ammonia. You just mentioned it in passing like it was some big mystery and then never explained that it’s well documented but involves working with a fairly dangerous substance.

    Also, I wonder if his process might be related to that…Something that temporarily breaks down the wood chemically and allows it to re-solidify without internal stress.

  • GrumpyGrandad

    Enjoyed the Podcast, very interesting.
    A suggestion?
    I found the audio a little hard to follow. There was and echo with some voices and other voices were very loud.
    i”m sure you will get this polished in the Podcasts to come.


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