The Afterlife of Trees: A Podcast for Woodworkers & Makers

The Afterlife of Trees is Popular Woodworking’s podcast for woodworkers, artists and makers who create using wood as a medium. We tell stories about wood and things made from it. From furniture to works of art to feats of engineering to marvels, oddities and the just plain weird, we think every felled tree has a story to tell. We talk to woodworkers, builders, historians and experts from all walks of life. We explore time-tested traditions, unique ways of working and everything in between.

If you have a story idea you’d like to hear us cover, email us at Your idea could be featured in an upcoming podcast.

Episode 3: Urban Lumber

  Popular Woodworking’s editor Andrew Zoellner talks with Austin, TX arborist Jesse Neumann about the life of urban trees and what Austin is doing to care for them during their lives and afterlives. Tune in and learn more about the urban forest.     The Afterlife of Trees is Popular Woodworking’s...

Episode 2: Live To Sk8, Sk8 To Live

Skateboarding is a childhood obsession of a few members of the PW team. In this episode of Afterlife of Trees, we talk to a Cincinnati-based custom longboard builders, Jeff Risinger and Val Woodham, whose stunning skateboards are also works of art. We then speak to Martinus Pool of Adrian Martinus Custom...

Afterlife of Trees

Episode 1: Trees Are Weird

In this episode of Afterlife of Trees, contributing editor Christopher Schwarz and Popular Woodworking editors from back in the day recall a story that ended up being just too weird for the magazine: a mystical process for curing wood that defies much of what we know about how wood behaves as...