2018 Excellence Awards - Popular Woodworking Magazine

It’s time to ring the opening bell for this year’s PWM Excellence Awards. Your work will have a chance at winning the $1,000 grand prize.

Submissions will be accepted from April 1 – June 16. Entrance to the contest comes at no cost – all you need to enter is photos of your work, a title and a short description, including the materials used in its construction and its dimensions.

This year, we’ve revamped the categories. They are:

■ Casework, Cabinets & Bookcases
■ Seating
■ Tables
■ Boxes, Smalls & Miscellaneous
■ Best Beginners

Let us clarify the last two categories: The “Boxes, Smalls & Miscellaneous” category is where the object you’ve made that isn’t furniture will fit in – these can be turned ornaments, shop-made tools, sculptures, humidors, spoons, snob sticks, etc.

The “Best Beginner” category is new to this year’s contest. Any type of work can be submitted to this category, with the qualification that it was made in the maker’s first year of woodworking. If you’ve picked up the woodworking bug for the first time since last year’s awards, attended your first schooling in the craft or finally got around to making instead of daydreaming, this is your chance to show the world your new skills! To be clear – you cannot have been in the practice of working with wood before last year’s call, with a firm cutoff at April 1, 2017.

The staff and contributors of Popular Woodworking Magazine will review and select our favorites, alongside our readers. Your online voting for the Reader’s Choice Awards will open on June 20, and your votes will determine a winner in each of the five categories.

Six prizes of $100 will be handed out to the five editor’s picks in each category and to the one overall reader’s choice winner – as that big grand prize award of $1,000 selected by the editors.

One tip to those interested in entering this year’s contest – quality photography is important! We want to have everything at our disposal to discuss the fine points of your work – do your work justice and take good photos. Neutral backgrounds, sharp focus and good lighting will help the judging process – and if you win, we’ll be looking for high-resolution photography for the magazine’s November issue.

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