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Popular Woodworking Magazine, February 2018

February 2017

The cover story for the February 2018 is Christopher Schwarz’s three-legged folding campaign stool – and he shows you three ways to make the legs (no lathe required for two of them!). It’s a perfect piece for carrying along on a picnic, or for plein air painting.

Ben Brunick is a master at making arches – he’s been restoring and making massive windows for an historic South Dakota building. So we asked him to adapt the process to furniture-sized work. He teaches you how to make a “spoil board” then use a router to make arches of any size, whether for a window, door or cabinet front. In Peter Follansbee’s “17th-Century Desk Box,” you’ll learn the simple joinery that has held these handsome projects together for centuries – and they’re built with just a handful of tools.

You’ll also get inspired by whimsical furniture world of Judson Beaumont’s Straight Line Designs. Read the story behind his practice and get a look at his stunning (and fun) work. And Willard (Bill) Anderson teaches you how to make three joints by hand as you make some handy shop supports – they’re great for cutting down lumber and sheet goods, or as a workbench in a pinch (with a piece of ply atop them).

In this issue’s “Tool Test,” we try out the new line of REVO cabinet clamps from Bessey, the Lixie Dead Blow Mallet, the new full-size handsaws from Bad Axe Tool Works (the D-8s) and the Texas Heritage Saddle Bag. George Walker encourages you to check out your local house museums for inspiration in “Design Matters,” and Peter Follansbee shares a lunette and floral carving design in a step-by-step pictorial in “Arts & Mysteries.” Bob Flexner explains what orange peel is – and how to avoid it – in “Flexner on Finishing,” and long-time woodworker Bill Murr shares his story of passing on knowledge to a young neighbor in “End Grain.” Plus Tricks of the Trade and more!

April 2018 – Popular Woodworking Magazine

April 2017

The cover story for this issue is Jeff Miller’s Chippendale chair. He’s a master chair maker and he’ll teach you a few special skills that will help you tackle this heirloom project with ease.

Next, in the first part of our series on hinges, Nancy Hiller walks you through the best uses and installation advice from her decades of experience installing hinges on all kinds of cabinets.

Then, take a peek inside the incredible California workshop of Debey Zito.

Plus, Chris Schwarz shows you how to hold everything you need on your bench, Raney Nelson gives you the talk on precision in the woodshop and we give you recommendations on great new tools, advice for water stains and why imperfect dovetails have their charms, too.

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