The Best $139 I’ve Spent on my Bench

After 19 years of building workbenches and testing workholding devices, I am darn picky about what equipment I have on my benches. In truth, I don’t have a lot of vises on my benches because I [...]

How to Avoid Hours of Handplaning

The trick to becoming fast at handplaning is to never pause during stock preparation. No matter how you prepare your wood for a project (with machines, handplanes or some combination of the two) [...]

The Painted Panther

American folk art meets the world’s most collectible hand saw. by Ralph Brendler from the June 2004 issue It’s easy to understand why folk artists love to paint on saws – a saw blade is a large [...]

Making Sawhorses

When I made my current workbench, I built it from a pair of robust, traditional-pattern sawhorses (a form you might know as sawbenches). On the bench build I’m about to start, I’ll be [...]

Fast & Fun Gift Projects

It’s that time of year when some of you might be scrambling to get a gift or two built on or before December 24. Might I recommend you take a look at the many simple (but good-looking) free [...]

Learning to Program a CNC Router

Have you ever used flashcards or CDs to learn a foreign language? To learn a new word, you read it from a card or listen to a native speaker say it in the new language, then you get an English …

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