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New Year, New Tools, New Tolerances

Every Tuesday night we ritually torture our children with a meal that we call “New Food Night.” The kids have to eat something they’ve never eaten before , this week was coq au [...]

Frank Miller Lumber – Road Trip

This entry should be titled, “They pay me to do this!” or “You Gotta Love this Job.”I’ve visited a number of lumber mills in my days of furniture building , small [...]

Free Project Plan: Country Chest

Building a well-proportioned project is one of the most gratifying things about woodworking. I don’t care if you own a circular saw and a hammer or a robotically controlled multi-axis [...]

Why the level?

Last week we sent out the two potential covers for our April 2007 issue and asked readers to vote on their favorite. We appreciate your voting if you were selected to participate. The result of [...]

English Bench? Swiss? Cheesy?

One hole should reinforce the planing stop, as shown. The stop is clamped into the face vise. The hold down supports the end of the stop when working wider panels. It’s easy to overdo it [...]

Gamble House Drawers-An Alternative

It was probably 25 years ago that I heard Tage Frid explain how simple it was to hand cut dovetail joints. “After all” he said, “all you’re doing is cutting to a line. [...]

A Few Rules for Building a Workbench

As I built this an English-style workbench (the finish goes on tomorrow), I also developed a list of a dozen or so rules for building workbenches that really work. Allow me to share with you [...]

Gamble House Drawers

One of the best parts of my job is meeting talented woodworkers, getting to know them and seeing some amazing work. I first met David Mathias by e-Mail. He got in touch with me through my website [...]

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