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A Preview of a Creole Table Project

Coming in the February 2007 issue (at the printer now) is a close copy of an 18th-century Creole-style table I built earlier this year. It looks like an ambitious and curvy project , but that [...]

The English Workbench

Every piece of lumber has three kinds of surfaces: edges, faces and ends. A good workbench should be able to hold your lumber so you can easily work on these three kinds of surfaces. Any bench [...]

Tool Test: Infinity Router Bit Set

How do you accurately test a seven-piece professional set of Infinity router bits? Let’s face it, you could spend months in the shop trying to accomplish such a feat by using them day in [...]

Behind the Scenes: Ahead of the Game?

Before coming to Popular Woodworking, I had many years of building furniture for customers and clients under my belt, and I found that I had developed a few habits that were hard to break , a few [...]

A New Job Within a New Job

Everyone knows about Chris Schwarz’s affinity with hand tools and readers know that David Thiel was the power tool counterpart here at Popular Woodworking. With David’s move to the [...]

Wedged Tenon v. Drawboring

Question: Looking over the current and past issues of Woodworking Magazine, I see how drawboring or wedging a mortise and tenon joint will improve the strength and fit of the joint.  But is [...]

About Holes and Cracks and Benches

Question: A couple of questions regards to my Roubo bench project: 1. Regarding laminating the top: I’m not the best laminator in the world. Ihave about a dozen small cracks on both [...]

Best $9 Handsaw

Sometimes the laws of time, space and economics get bent. And, in the case of two little Zona saws I’ve been testing this week in the shop, sometimes these laws get broken. A couple weeks [...]

Resharpening a Scraper Plane

Question: I’ve noted that you’ve recently mentioned that you’ve been looking into scrapers, so I thought that maybe you could answer a question that I have about scraper-plane [...]

Behind the Scenes: Reading a Final Binder

Being somewhat new to the magazine business (I have been a contributing editor of nearly nine years) I was unsure what to expect when I moved into my new position at Popular Woodworking magazine. [...]

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