The Woodwright’s Shop Season 6

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Episode Guide Season 6

  • A Turning of The Screw — Traditional woodworking required making much of your own tools and machinery, and the wooden screw is a major component in those. Roy looks at the making of wooden screws for use in the shop.
  • That Old Spoon Carver — Roy visits with expert spoon carver Roger Sandstrom to talk technique, wood selection and more about carving spoons and treenware.
  • Don’t Crush That Bookstand — Roy tackles creating a classic Wooden Pliers whittled from a single piece of wood, and then expands the concept to a folding bookstand using similar joinery.
  • A Folding Lathe — Roy shows how to build an 18th Century French lathe designed to fold up and store in the corner.
  • Jacobean Stool (Part 1) — We learn how to create the traditional joinery for a Jacobean stool.
  • Jacobean Stool (Part 2) — Roy finishes the Jacobean stool by adding the turning and carving to the frame.
  • Things They’d Never Make — We spend some quality time with Roy making small projects from scrap wood, including wooden ties, a pop gun, ado-nothing machine and a flying top.
  • Anderson’s Forge – Roy travels to the John Anderson Forge at Colonial Williamsburg to look at how nails, hinges and tools were made in Colonial America.
  • The Botetourt Chair — Roy takes a look at 18th Century woodworking details found in furniture from the Colonial Williamsburg cabinet shop.
  • Lap Desk — Build one of the classic 18th Century projects with Roy; a Shaker lap desk.
  • Rachel’s Wagon — Roy walks through the steps required to build a wooden wagon for his daughters – but manages to have some fun himself.
  • Toolmaker’s Art — Roy visits with Peter Ross at the Anderson Forge to look at 18th Century tool making, in particular, a gentlemen’s hatchet.
  • House Framing Doggie Style — Only the best for Roy’s pooch, Grit: a brick and Tudor framed doghouse is this episode’s project.

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