The Woodwright’s Shop Season 4

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Episode Guide Season 4

  • The Dominy Shop — Roy takes us on a tour the Dominy Shop at Winterthur Museum. The shop holds the tools and shop items used by three generations of craftsman from 1750-1850.
  • A Spring Pole Lathe — Roy walks us through the steps to create a simple, but accurate and functional spring pole lathe.
  • Ball & Claw Feet — Roy welcomes Wallace Gusler from Colonial Williamsburg, and he shows the process to create a cabriole leg with a ball and claw foot.
  • The Wainscot Chair — Roy works with his daughter, Rachel, to create a child-size, 17th-century chair found in a book by Wallace Nutting.
  • Tool Boxes & Chests — Roy explores the contents of a recently purchased tool chest, trying to determine something of the original owner. He then shows how to recreate the chest itself.
  • Chip Carving — Mack Headley from Colonial Williamsburg visits the shop and demonstrates the chip carving techniques used to decorate furniture.
  • Good Fences — Roy looks at the details of early-American fences, including lightweight and portable fences used for sheep herding, garden fences and more substantial post and rail “fences” used in forts built around 1620.
  • Kitchen Gifts – Roy shows you how to make some always-gift-appropriate and useful utensils for the kitchen including a rolling pin, heavy spoon, a collapsible drinking cup and more.
  • Raising The Shop — Roy pitches in with the raising of the frame-and-timber structure for Anderson’s Forge at Colonial Williamsburg.
  • Building A Boat — Roy builds a small rowboat using traditional tools and techniques.
  • Rittenshouse Hygrometer — After discussing how humidity affects different wood species, Roy makes a clever and simple late 18th-century hygrometer to measure the humidity in the shop.
  • Corner Cupboard — Roy recreates a classic pine corner cupboard.
  • Highchair — To celebrate his new nephew, Roy builds an 18th century baby’s high chair with rush seating.

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